From Ireland to the United States - One Engineer's Journey

An Engineer's Six Month Adventure in Plymouth, MN

I’m Ashish Sudame and I’m no stranger to relocating – I completed my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering in India, moved to Ireland for my Master’s degree in Project Management, and am now doing a six-month assignment in Plymouth, Minnesota.

I knew from my very first interview with Teleflex Medical OEM that this was the place for me to start my career, and that was only confirmed after I started working at the Limerick, Ireland location in August 2019 as a Graduate Engineer.

Working with the Development Engineering team at Teleflex Medical OEM Limerick, I’ve used my passion and skill for working with people to assist a diverse range of customers across the world. Collaborating with such a wide variety of people on complex and challenging projects has helped me not only to develop my professional skillset, but also to grow personally. In addition to working with customers, I love meeting with students who are interested in working with Teleflex Medical OEM. At career fairs, site visits, other college events, and facility tours, I speak with students about a career in engineering. Especially at Teleflex Medical OEM, it can be a true game changer!

In September of 2022, I visited both the Mansfield, MN and Coventry, CT facilities in the US to meet the wider engineering team. We discussed best practices and how the Limerick and Mansfield sites can work together on challenging concepts and practices. It was a great experience to meet other engineers outside of my home facility, and I was very excited to see even more company locations.

I am currently at the Plymouth, Minnesota facility working with their engineering teams for almost six months.  Naturally, I jumped at the chance to come out of my comfort zone yet again and to grow even more.   A few weeks in and I’m already learning so many new things, adding additional skills, and becoming a better version of myself. Living in a new city alone has been challenging – even without the new experience of Minnesota’s extreme cold weather – but my coworkers here are just as welcoming, supportive, and engaging.   The best part of  my job at Teleflex Medical OEM is the people!

I will continue to share updates as I’m on this assignment. I can’t wait to experience all that Teleflex Medical OEM Plymouth has to offer.  I am also excited to adventure out do some sight seeing.  

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