Neurovascular Catheter Pathways

Catheter-based Neurovascular Procedures

Catheter-based procedure development in the neurovascular space lags that of other interventional fields, but there has been dramatic progress in the last 10 years. The tortuosity, narrowness and, delicacy of intracranial arteries, as well as the presence of the carotid siphon, can be obstacles to intracranial navigation.[1] Intracranial access through the skull base and around the ophthalmic genu has been a challenge for endovascular neurosurgeons since the field's inception.[2]. However, the success of procedures such as endovascular thrombectomy for large vessel occlusion (ischemic stroke treatment) is now well-established, making it an accepted standard of care.[3]

In simple language, catheter-based devices for neurovascular applications are really challenging and push the limits of catheter fabrication technology, particularly in terms of the trackability and flexibility requirements. In this space, you need a development and manufacturing partner with the knowledge and experience to transform your idea into a manufacturable medical device. Take a look at the video clip below. It illustrates the trackability and flexibility that can be achieved through a silicone-based neurovascular model for a thrombectomy catheter. This is just an example of what’s possible with composite catheter design when polymer materials technology, hydrophilic coating, advanced reinforcing structures and fabrication techniques are leveraged to work in harmony to deliver your defined use need.

Are you looking to develop a complex catheter?  Connect with one of our technical sales engineers to learn more about our collaborative development process.


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